A Very Special Thanks to The Trinity Project

The Minister of General Mayhem used his friendly neighborhood prowess to connect with The Trinity Project and secure a venue for Shots For Shots.  The Trinity Project facilitates artist interaction and community participation by combining studio space, show space and volunteer manpower resulting in a Creative Bermuda Triangle.  The Minister and His Faithful Cohorts have traded many, many hours of volunteer work to get our fingers on the delectable show space in the basement of St. Mary’s Church on Leonard Street in East Williamsburg.


This lovely space is reminiscent of those Catholic grade school dances some of us used to attend; linoleum floors, green and ivory color scheme, florescent lighting, a full kitchen and bar, but most importantly, a kick-ass stage!  St. Mary blessed us with the perfect venue to host a string of gorgeous local celebrities, musicians and artists alike.  I’m sure we’ll get to booking them soon, but for now I’d just like to imagine roller skating in and out of these pea green pillars…


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