Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have A Line-Up

We know you’ve been waiting with baited breath, and we’re delivering. Shots For Shots is proud to announce that we will be blessed by the presence of the following music acts and artists. ┬áStay tuned for an official schedule!

Musical Performances:

  • Stark and Nimo
  • Sanctuaries
  • Science Club
  • Swinclub
  • Jason Anthony Harris
  • Animal Tropical
  • Hours of Cats Arms
  • Jon Mizrachi
  • The Actual Balls
  • Jewel Heist


  • Selector F Yes
  • Gerald Hammill
  • DJ Smelly P

Visual Artists:

  • Dan Figliozzi
  • Kyle Garnett
  • Becky Holt
  • Dan Jones
  • Owen Linders
  • Rhys Wescott
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