The Ministry of General Mayhem has promoted a steadfast and unwavering dedication to maintaining public awareness, illuminating civil unrest and fanning the flames of discontent both domestically and abroad. One of our most cherished pastimes over the years has been to champion the most altruistic pursuits of each era and forever throw in our lot with the resistance efforts against that which most greatly afflicts humanity. It is in this way that all of us here at The Ministry have now chosen to take this defiant stand against HIV/AIDS by supporting the historic efforts of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative and do it in the dynamic borough that plays home to one of IAVI’s foremost laboratories: Brooklyn, NY. For this TMoGM gathering, Shots For Shots promises to be the party event of the year and as always, we will be donating 100% of all proceeds to the organization of choice, in this case: IAVI.

Solidarity forever.

Mayhem for always.

– The Minister of General Mayhem and His Faithful Cohorts


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